Sunday, October 10, 2010

Progress on Holly Hobby

Hello! It is Sunday night and I am getting ready to sew. I always forget to record progress on the camera. I am trying to decide how I will lay out this wall hanging. I have more appliqued heart flowers to add. I just haven't decided where and how. This has been put together as I go along. I have used many different methods.
The diamonds are 4 diamonds pieced using Inklingo , printing on back of fabric and will be appliqued on. The hexagon flowers are also printed on back of fabric using Inklingo. The top is folded hexagon from a Japanese magazine.
I wish I had put it on different color background rather than white but that is not going to be changed now. Nothing is sewn so I can change it if I want.
I think I will post 3 photos and go to bed. I am really tired tonight.

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