Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homespun Holiday Give-away

This package just came in the mail today.  This was from "Andsewon blog" with a lovely note and a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.  Since I don't take my tree down until after the New Year it is still very much in time and on the tree now. 
Thank you, Lola.  This was fun and your card and note and ornament were very thoughtful.  I love homespun so all the material was great and the two patterns were darling. I think the panel will be up for next year in some form , will have to think about it. 
We just finished up the 42nd radiation treatment for my husband and are hopeful for good results.  He is have a lot of side effects but they will start to diminish on a daily basis. 
Happy New Year to each and everyone.  Love and Hugs Lois

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas See you next year

I made two mug rugs for quick gifts.  I also have 3 granddaughters who will be getting colorful knee socks . These are so fun.  I will not have time to post again and wish everyone who visits my blog a Very Merrry Christmas. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homespun Holiday Giveaway

I wanted to have all info correct and this was the giveaway and the blog is 'and Sew on".  I am so excited.  I am sure no one could tell.  LOL. 

Early and Wonderful Christmas gift

Whooeee!  I just won on the "an sew on " blog give-a-way.  This is too fun.  It is a super blog site and a wonderful give away.  Thank you so very much.  Love Lois

Friday, December 10, 2010

Colorful Friday Christmas Colors at Daisy Quilts

I had so hoped to have decorations up but the flu bug took over this week and today is first day up and around much since Sunday.  I have a few favorite colors but green and red for Christmas are my very favorite.  My stuffed Santa is from Quilt in a Day pattern ages ago and took 5 lbs to plump him up. 
My favorite Christmas story is from book of Matthew and my favorite fiction is from Charles Dickins.
Wall hangings and snowmen abound and tree goes up Sat.  with daughters help.
Have a blessed and Merry Christmas with family, friends and memories past and memories you make this year.  Love and Hugs   Lois
Whoops forgot favorite song is Away in a Manger

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Name of tool

I went to Bayside Quilting website so I would be sure I was giving correct information.  It is 'Fun and Done" tool.  Bayside Quilting has video that demonstrates this for quilts.  Thanks  Love Lois

What to do on Sunday afternoon with the flu.

This is new tool I ordered
I had no intention of
making "mug rug" until I
saw this and thought it was
perfect finished size.  It finishes
at 7 1/2 square. Tool  is two pieces and the smaller nests inside the larger piece.
Larger piece cuts backing and squares up
batting and top and then allows your to  form hem around
finished product. Smaller piece cuts top and batting that fit perfectly inside larger piece to square up ensuring even hem.

Moving right along

 This shows layout of backing, batting and top.  It is centered and pinned.  The edges you see of the backing piece will be the part that binds the mug rug.  There is a video on Bayside Quilting that shows how to use this tool for quilts. 

More stuff


Hearts on fusible interfacing ready to be sewn and then turned right side out and added with stitching, mine with buttonhole stitching
Sewn down
Now the edges are ironed and ready to stitch.
Number two
Number three and last for the day.  Simple and fun and tool is great.  I make a lot of baby quilts to give away and that was what made me check out this tool.  It did seem perfect for mug rugs that seem to be the" gotta make" and" gotta have one",for fun sewing on blogland.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Give-away

Out in blog land is a lovely blogsite that is having a give away Dec. 12.  Check it out.  http://ansewon.blogspot.com'/

A new finish

I just thought I would like a card holder but not something really large.  I just finished and hung my new card holder.  I probably better have the old stand by basket handy.  I noticed last year that the amount of cards we get at Christmas was about half the amount we usually get. I wonder if it is cost of stamps and or internet and e-cards. 

Getting ready for Christmas, sorta

Table runner that I just finished last night.  It is from Lynette Jensens Table Topper for all seasons.  I made it all by machine and it is felt and fabric.  All scraps. 

How cold is it?

Who is that peeking in my window?

Not as cold as it is going to get. Burr!

Even the snowmen are trying to get in out of the cold.