Sunday, January 30, 2011

 magazine cover
 photo of quilt in the magazine
This is from Quiltmaker Mag.  2003 , I think.  I won't do all the pieced border but it makes it cute.  I have elephants all traced ready to applique.  I will have to stitch detail work but that not a problem as will most likely do it on machine. 
I found this with applique finished.  I remember starting this from quilting magazine some time ago but don't know how it managed to get buried and forgotten.  I think it is Heidi Pridemore design but not sure and will finish this up this weekend.  Will need to add sides and top borders.  How cute is this fellow?  Ribbit!

These next photos are of a quilt pattern in an old Country Applique mag and the pattern is Hearts and Kisses. 

More sewing than blogging

I now have 6 quilt tops done and working on 7th and have not sandwiched them and have machine tacking to do and binding.  I have been doing too much sewing to blog.  I am going to be having hip replacement the 7th of Feb.  This week I will finish 7th quilt top and spend the rest of the week finishing baby quilts and give them to my friend who gets with others to make beautiful baskets to give to mom and baby.
 this was braid quilt that I added appliqued hearts to
this is the Bears and Blossoms quilt pattern.  There is a row of squares at the top and bottom that don't show up in photo. Now that I look at photo I think I will add squares on both sides.  I found in my scraps a zip loc bag of cut 2 inch squares.  I have enough to go up both sides.  It looks kind of off balance without side squares. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I put photos in backwards.

I am sorry I put photos in the blog in reverse.  So go to bottom of the post on tying and scroll up instead of down and you will see how I tie the quilt.  Sorry!  I hope this made it understandable.  It is easy and quick and then when done you can square up and trim to have nice finish and then bind.  Crochet thread does not fray like yarn does and does not come untied in washing.  I think also as it is cotton it goes with the fabric of the quilt in a more compatible way.  Love and Hugs Lois

Tying a quilt

This is crochet thread
this shows starting next row using first row as guideline for spacing
this shows cut thread ready for tying
cutting between each needle bite
you can leave as much thread as you need.  My hands arthritic and I leave extra thread for tying that I trim off afterward.
here you can see I leave extra
first bite of needle, making sure you go through all layers, top, batting and backing and leave tail
I use Dritz Quilting, Curved Needles for Tying.  Comes 4 in a pack, two small, two larger needles.  The Thread is crochet cotton, size 10   I buy a variety of colors and use color to best match quilt.  I used black in example so it would show up.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next baby quilt.

                                                     sewed to interfacing all pieces for bears
                                                  layout and turners
                                             turned right side out
                                                  pressed onto fabric piece
                                                   close up of bear
face features, nothing appliqued yet

This quilt is from old pattern that I have never used.  It was by Nancy Martin 1984.  With all the new methods that make this much easier than original pattern called for, I decided to make it.  I will have one row of 3 bears machine appliqued on top and bottom.  In the middle I will put a row of bright appliqued flowers.  I paint the faces on with pigma pens.  Hope to finish this one this week.

Finished top

This is finished top unless I decide to add applique.  I decided to use all scraps.  I enough gold stirps for in between and used white on outsde border.  It is crib size. This should make 4 tops I have done.  I have one more in progress and then will have to spend a week finishing all the tops.

French Braid Quilt

This was fast and easy.  I used Binding tool to cut braids. Saw it demonstrated on Missouri Star Quilt Co which had video on You Tube.  Used all scraps.  It is only the top and have not decided if it is finished or not.  May applique very colorful hearts on it, may not.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun and Interesting blogsite

I just found this fun blogsite.  It is   The friendly cheerful young woman who runs this blogsite has some great ideas and also has on her blog another button that will link you to another blog of hers that helps anyone with blogging.  She has a lot of good information on both sites and presents herself in fun and interesting format.  I will look forward to visiting her blog often.  Give it a try. 
I am working on braid quilt.  I would post photos but camera downstairs, computer downstairs and I always forget to take it  to sewing room that is upstairs. 
I bought the binding template/tool that I saw demonstrated on video on YouTube and used it first for cutting pieces for braid and am excited about using it for binding finishes.  It just appeared to be a tool that takes all the hassle and guess work out of that joining at the end of binding. 
I will take camera upstairs as I am going to sew for awhile this afternoon. 
It is cold, gray day here in Ohio.  But it is just perfect for sewing and the wood burning stove makes it toasty.  Cup of hot tea and I am on my way upstairs.  Love and hugs.  Lois

Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year and My Resolutions

How is your New Year starting?  I have a cup of tea and was wandering around blogland. I noticed and appreciated many resolutions that had to do with using what one had and finishing UFOs.  It gave me much personal evaluation time.  Here is the outcome of that evaluation.
I do buy much less than I ever have and I love talent and creativity in each blog and the sharing of that talent and creativity.  I am 69, have a lovely family, survived cancer from 3 years ago and love quilting.  I have way too many projects going but that is not to say I won't start another.  I buy very few books as I have settled into a style or two of quilting that I enjoy and am comfortable using.  I love applique and piecing but art quilts are so beautiful but not fulfilling for me to make. 
I love baby quilts and make every year between 8-20 baby quilts to give away through our church.  I make them with the love and talent I would want if it were to be given to one of my grandchildren.  I find a great satisfaction in having in my heart the picture of a child loving a quilt I make.  I don't know who they go to and that is of no importance to me, the importance is that they are wrapped in a quilt I made with love.
If I made a resolution it would be to make a quilt I love and that brings me pleasure to make and do it in a time frame that meets my life.  Sometimes I have time and sometimes I don't.  I never want it to be under pressure to make one. 
I love blogs and find it like being invited into someones home and have them say: "Come see what I have made or what I am working on" and you get to step into their home and share in their world of quilting. 
I love color and seeing new patterns and new ideas.  I am thrilled when so many young women quilt, their enthusiam and excitement are wonderful to read of.  I also love to read of some one like the 80+ talented quilter on the Funoldhag blog.  Her work of past and present  are amazing and I am always inspired by her blog.  Her photos of the past and her present accomplishments fill me with admiration. 
I resolve to have scraps overflowing, unorganized as they may be.  For they are evidence of many quilts made and shared.  I resolve to have a sewing room that is cleaned when necessary, when you can't find the floor, for the clutter comes from a project in progress.  I resolve to continue blogging and enjoying the quilt world at it's best.  For the best is surely time, talent and love and laughter that we share.
Love and hugs Lois