Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year and My Resolutions

How is your New Year starting?  I have a cup of tea and was wandering around blogland. I noticed and appreciated many resolutions that had to do with using what one had and finishing UFOs.  It gave me much personal evaluation time.  Here is the outcome of that evaluation.
I do buy much less than I ever have and I love talent and creativity in each blog and the sharing of that talent and creativity.  I am 69, have a lovely family, survived cancer from 3 years ago and love quilting.  I have way too many projects going but that is not to say I won't start another.  I buy very few books as I have settled into a style or two of quilting that I enjoy and am comfortable using.  I love applique and piecing but art quilts are so beautiful but not fulfilling for me to make. 
I love baby quilts and make every year between 8-20 baby quilts to give away through our church.  I make them with the love and talent I would want if it were to be given to one of my grandchildren.  I find a great satisfaction in having in my heart the picture of a child loving a quilt I make.  I don't know who they go to and that is of no importance to me, the importance is that they are wrapped in a quilt I made with love.
If I made a resolution it would be to make a quilt I love and that brings me pleasure to make and do it in a time frame that meets my life.  Sometimes I have time and sometimes I don't.  I never want it to be under pressure to make one. 
I love blogs and find it like being invited into someones home and have them say: "Come see what I have made or what I am working on" and you get to step into their home and share in their world of quilting. 
I love color and seeing new patterns and new ideas.  I am thrilled when so many young women quilt, their enthusiam and excitement are wonderful to read of.  I also love to read of some one like the 80+ talented quilter on the Funoldhag blog.  Her work of past and present  are amazing and I am always inspired by her blog.  Her photos of the past and her present accomplishments fill me with admiration. 
I resolve to have scraps overflowing, unorganized as they may be.  For they are evidence of many quilts made and shared.  I resolve to have a sewing room that is cleaned when necessary, when you can't find the floor, for the clutter comes from a project in progress.  I resolve to continue blogging and enjoying the quilt world at it's best.  For the best is surely time, talent and love and laughter that we share.
Love and hugs Lois

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  1. Lois, you have a lovely outlook to the future. Best wishes.