Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is it really half way through June????

I don't think I am much of a blogger.  I love to view blogs but don't seem to keep up with mine.
I am gaining strength and doing more since surgery and staph infection.  Did 84 days of antibiotics and it all worked. 
I am hand quilting wall hanging and have GFG quilt in floor frame that I work on and that is all. 
We put together 13 baskets to give away to new moms and have quilts for 9 more when we need to put them together so I am taking summer off from making quilts and from blogging. 
I  have house work that is backed up from forever as the last several years have been health issues.
Have a great summer and enjoy your creativity, home and hug your family often.  Love and hugs Lois

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is new blog to me and one I enjoy very much as a lot of good ideas and sharing on this blog.  I like her honesty and her "Quilting Without Obligation" community.  It is something to think about. Why do we quilt and are we allowing ourselves to be persuaded by trends so that we feel obligated to do things as trend demands or as our creativity and our own ideas call out to us.
I quilt because I love it.  I love the look and feel of fabric and once quilted it takes on a new feel and it is a pleasure to me to have started and completed something as useful, beautiful and with as much work and time as a quilt takes.  It is such a wonderful process and accomplishment. 
I love the learning process and have tried different methods and have found my niche.  I love piecing and applique and tend toward traditional but love seeing other peoples work and ideas and colors. 
Check out her blog.  It will give you something to think about.  If nothing else it will make you think about how we as quilters relate to new quilters and new ideas.  I believe it should be with enthusiasm and encouragement.  I never want to see a hurt in a new quilters eyes because of some critical remark I have made.  Later with love Lois

Hello from soggy Ohio

Hi!  It has been a long time.  I was on infusion antibiotics and now oral antibiotics and my poor stomach is a mess.  I think I will not have to have two step revision surgery and I am so grateful for that.  I am healing slowing but my daughter who is a nurse said that is normal with staph infection as it set me back quite a bit.  That was a dilly to deal with.  I have been able to go upstairs and I had 8 crib quilt tops done before surgeryand I will never do that many ahead again.  I have been machine tacking them and putting on binding.  It has been an overload of very boring sewing.  I have 5 done and 3 more to go.  I don't want to start anything else until they are done as they go to our church group to be put in baskets with other baby things for any mom having baby.  Baskets are beautiful.  I am so glad I can contribute to this.
I will take some photos later.  Love and Hugs

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Absent for a long while

Hi .  I had total hip replacement Feb 7 and for the first two weeks I felt so wonderful. Healing and exercise was less painful than the hip before surgery.  Two weeks and it has been discovered I have staff infection all through my blood, septic.  I have had surgery to flush and clean wound and now have pic line and infusion of antibiotics everyday for 46 days and then will decide if it has to all come out and spacer put in and wait 6 weeks and put in new hip again. 
I will be out of blogland and will try again in a few months.  I also have muscle spasms in my back.  I wish you all well and so love quilting blogs.  Love Lois

Sunday, January 30, 2011

 magazine cover
 photo of quilt in the magazine
This is from Quiltmaker Mag.  2003 , I think.  I won't do all the pieced border but it makes it cute.  I have elephants all traced ready to applique.  I will have to stitch detail work but that not a problem as will most likely do it on machine. 
I found this with applique finished.  I remember starting this from quilting magazine some time ago but don't know how it managed to get buried and forgotten.  I think it is Heidi Pridemore design but not sure and will finish this up this weekend.  Will need to add sides and top borders.  How cute is this fellow?  Ribbit!