Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is new blog to me and one I enjoy very much as a lot of good ideas and sharing on this blog.  I like her honesty and her "Quilting Without Obligation" community.  It is something to think about. Why do we quilt and are we allowing ourselves to be persuaded by trends so that we feel obligated to do things as trend demands or as our creativity and our own ideas call out to us.
I quilt because I love it.  I love the look and feel of fabric and once quilted it takes on a new feel and it is a pleasure to me to have started and completed something as useful, beautiful and with as much work and time as a quilt takes.  It is such a wonderful process and accomplishment. 
I love the learning process and have tried different methods and have found my niche.  I love piecing and applique and tend toward traditional but love seeing other peoples work and ideas and colors. 
Check out her blog.  It will give you something to think about.  If nothing else it will make you think about how we as quilters relate to new quilters and new ideas.  I believe it should be with enthusiasm and encouragement.  I never want to see a hurt in a new quilters eyes because of some critical remark I have made.  Later with love Lois

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