Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun and Interesting blogsite

I just found this fun blogsite.  It is   The friendly cheerful young woman who runs this blogsite has some great ideas and also has on her blog another button that will link you to another blog of hers that helps anyone with blogging.  She has a lot of good information on both sites and presents herself in fun and interesting format.  I will look forward to visiting her blog often.  Give it a try. 
I am working on braid quilt.  I would post photos but camera downstairs, computer downstairs and I always forget to take it  to sewing room that is upstairs. 
I bought the binding template/tool that I saw demonstrated on video on YouTube and used it first for cutting pieces for braid and am excited about using it for binding finishes.  It just appeared to be a tool that takes all the hassle and guess work out of that joining at the end of binding. 
I will take camera upstairs as I am going to sew for awhile this afternoon. 
It is cold, gray day here in Ohio.  But it is just perfect for sewing and the wood burning stove makes it toasty.  Cup of hot tea and I am on my way upstairs.  Love and hugs.  Lois

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