Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here we go

Today is first day of radiation for my Joe's cancer.  We will have daily radiation for 8 weeks. 
It is a beautiful fall day.  The air is crisp and clear and leaves all over the ground.  I love fall.
I was looking at someone's blog and they had knitted socks.  I have not knitted socks since I
was a teenager and that was a lifetime ago.  LOL>
I went to library and checked out a couple of books to review and learn new methods.  My
goodness, it has changed.  I think I will try my hand at this as I will have much time in cancer
center.  I will have to get a bit of yarn and some needles but that will not be a problem but fun seeing what is available, especially in yarn. 
I always have cotton yarn here and knit dishcloths as needed as I love homemade ones as
opposed to the flimsy, worthless ones you buy. 
I had best get busy and get my Joe headed to shower and ready for the events of the day.
I am about done with table topper and will take it with me today to work on finishing applique.
I am working on Amish puzzle pincushion upstairs but no photo yet. 

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  1. How is it all going? I can only imagine how awful daily radiation for eight weeks will be. I'm glad that you've decided to knit socks. I'm not a knitter, but I did learn to crochet last year, and I know that the rhythm will be essential to keeping some peace within.
    Take care. My thoughts are with you both.