Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange Friday on Daisy Quilt Blog

I have enjoyed colorful Fridays on for some weeks and I find myself looking for colors that are for that Friday and today I just decided to join in the fun.  Here are my Oranges for Friday.  I will be seeing orange all day.  LOL


  1. Beautiful orange things. I also spend the week looking for colour. Next week is a bit tricky Halloween I can only think of black and orange as I don't celebrate it. Charmaine

  2. Hello hello Lois!!
    ..and welcome to our colour game.
    So glad to have you playing along with us this week and I'm so glad to know you've been inspired by watching along in previous weeks.
    It is such fun and your orange photos are wonderful!!
    Orange is such a happy colour :-)

  3. Lovely array of OrAnGe. Well done!

  4. So glad you joined in. A lovely array of orange.

  5. Lovely Oranges Lois. I think the hunt for colour is the best part about Colourful Fridays (and looking at the results of everyone else's hunt!)

  6. Hi Lois. Great to see you joining in. Like yourself, I watched for a few weeks then couldn't resist. Lovely collection of orange pics. I am really enjoying seeing how everyone is using orange in their quilts. Love the flowers too!

  7. lovely autumn orange collage...happy orange day!!

  8. Me again Lois, was trying to email you, but email didn't enable... would you please try again.
    Thanks :-)
    Robyn xx

  9. Hi Lois, so glad you've joined us on Colourful Fridays! Love your orange collage. toni xxx

  10. Had a busy day and just got round to checking out everybody's posts. Love your photos and pleased to see you playing.
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine too:-)
    Till next week

  11. I adore the orange marigold! Stunning.

  12. Lots of lovely orange at your place.
    It's fun playing along. :o)