Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday

I finished the quilt top, small crib size, last night.  I was looking at it and I know the background pattern is from a blog I saw at Bloggers Quilt Festival but just sized it myself  and added daisy like flower on top.  I just got the catalog from Connecting Threads and there is a book in there with same idea.  I have not seen book before and did not have catalog but mention it just in case someone has and thinks I have used idea with no credit but that is not the case.  Mine is nothing like photo on the cover, believe me.  I will take a minute and run get catalog and enter name.  Be right back.
Okay, now I am in a hurry as we are ready to go to cancer center.  Book is "Big Fun with a Little Fabric" by Amanda Herring. 
I just got back had to run out the door, no hassle for cancer patients, thats my goal. 
I have two containers of scraps I am working out of until they are gone.  LOL!  Well, I will work out of them.  Saw another quilt on blog, I need to make notes, I will try my version of what I saw.  It was white sq. surrounded by small peiced squares.  I really liked it and it is my next project.  I will get about half a dozen tops done and then finish them. 
I would like to say this is all my scraps but I also have huge tub full of scraps but that is down the road or will be someone elses when I die.  Which ever comes first.  LOL 

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